Saturday, December 20, 2014


 Here's a sound collage I just put together, mostly woven around field recordings I took at the police brutality protests. There's also a loop of Mexico City protesters beating down the door of the governmental palace, also with their own grievances over corruption in authority. Other sounds were created with assorted gear. I can do this sort of thing but I need to practice basic violin more. I wanna get busking good! Sound experimentation may be art, but it won't get tips dropped in to your violin case underground. However, I spent the day making hand painted holiday cards instead. This can be time-consuming, so thankfully we don't know that many festive people. Just kidding.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Your Wicked Uncle Sam

It's a drawing from my comic diary, but I also think it says what it needs to as a standalone image. As an American, I'm filled with revulsion and ashamed at these things done in the name of supposed "security" Fuck you Mr. CIA Man, as Tuli Kupferberg said. You're also the monsters perpetrating the things I don't want in this world. What makes us secure from you? The CIA Torture Report can be read here:

Sunday, December 14, 2014


This is a painting for the cover of a forthcoming poetry book by Barbara Mor. I'm not sure what other commentary to add other than it was created of my impressions of the stream of conscious work.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

6/2/11 La La Land

I'm also in the process of uploading Living In La La Land to Tapastic. I'm wide awake now though I was wiped out all day. I have no idea where this surge of energy came from, but it sure wasn't there when the new psychiatrist sprang a surprise psych evaluation on me, saying they really should be done every six months. I don't know what the results were, though he seemed amused when I answered the standard question about thinking about harming others with "Yes, well, I'm not a rich person or a cop, so that would be illegal." At least he feigned amusement.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Death Can Dig It

deadexecMixed media, paint, collage, and some digital touches. The heat has been restored, making our bedroom somewhat warmer than it was. It took an inspector to make that happen though. And so the "tale of two cities" continues, and I'm just wondering when we hit the chapter where wire cut our "affordable housing fencing pens", kick down the poor doors like Bastille Gates and sent our de facto gentrifying aristocracy to the guillotine. "NY Ambassador" (what a joke) Taylor Swift, stepping up to meet her fate can say "Tis a far better thing I do than anything I have ever done in my music career." [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="444"] Class segregating fences. This is now a thing here.[/caption] Yeah, I'd make that little roped off area extremist art central if I lived there. I've gotten to the point where I court haters, at least among white supremacists thirteen years my senior with the writing skills of the mean girl from your 7th grade class. But silly rabbit, veiled threats admonishing me to be silent just encourage me to spout more opinions and put more stuff out there. Because at the end of the day, the only Haters I actually have any respect for are these: [youtube]

Friday, December 5, 2014

No One Can Breathe



Excerpt of an Astral Knife soundscape track set to some footage I got during the first night of protests over the murder of Eric Garner. I was in midtown, just got done caring for Abuelita. I walked over to Times Square and just joined in the first march I came across, moving up against traffic with arms in the air chanting "HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT" (Michael Brown), "I CAN'T BREATHE!" (Eric Garner), and "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, NO RACIST POLICE". And though I knew it wouldn't be likely to crash the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony, once I learned that was the plan, it was good to disrupt the yuppies and monied tourists lollygagging around the area. Their comments ranged from confused to inconvenienced to a bit scared...and good. I know at a lot of the activist events we do we're talking to the same crowd of people that already agree...these were the people who needed to be a little shook up.

I made my way downtown on foot to meet Eric, who with a friend of ours were in Union Square. Passing the library I got that footage that opens the video of a sea of cops swarming on the steps, then joined two women silently standing and staring at the cops with the arms up gesture.

We have a lawless country when the law itself is lawless. While this sort of injustice, particularly against black youth, is nothing new, it seems there's been a rash of police killing without consequence, all over the country. Aiyana Jones, Kimani Gray, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Rumain Brisbon...

I don't know what else I can add.